4 Best Strategies for Creating a Guest Space in a Small Home

When renting or purchasing your home, you likely focused on what you and your family needed. You found a place with enough space and the right number of rooms for you, and you may not have thought about times when you may have guests, such as when the in-laws come for holidays or vacations or your best friend from college visits. These are some strategies for creating a guest space in a small home.

1. Choose Furniture With a Hidden Bed

If you need your guests to stay in the living room or you have an office you can partially convert into a guest bedroom, you need furniture that will serve a dual purpose. You could install a Murphy bed if you have the wall space and need the extra storage. However, these structures won’t work in every space.

In most cases, a sleeper sofa may be your best option. These sofas give you and your guests comfortable places to sit, but pull out into nice, welcoming beds for nighttime. They are easy to fold up during the day so they don’t get in the way of other activities.

2. Add Coziness to the Space

Whether you have a separate space for your guests or you have to create a dual-purpose room, make sure it is cozy for your guests. Little things, such as a nice, soft rug or extra fuzzy blanket can make a big difference. However, give your guests access to a full-length mirror as well.

Include a comfortable chair they can relax in. Also, make sure your lighting can be intimate. You may need an overhead light or desk lamp if you create an office/guest room, but you should also give your guests softer options.

3. Include Functional Items

When you have guests, they often come with things. They have clothing, toiletries, electronics, and other items they bring with them. They need a place to store these items while they are in your home. Therefore, provide storage.

If your living room is your guest room, this can be challenging, but consider a location where you can build a small nook with some creative storage. Even a storage chest or bench can make your guests feel at home. If your guests have hanging clothes, bring in a freestanding clothing rack that you can remove when your guests leave.

You may also provide a collapsable luggage rack that makes it easier for your guests to unpack and store their belongings. You may also include some form of bedside table for things they keep near them at night, and if your tables have drawers, you increase your guests’ storage. Don’t forget bookshelves with reading material.

4. Incorporate Some Style

If your guest room is also an office or a room that serves another purpose, don’t hesitate to add a little style to it. Create an accent wall, add photographs or other artwork, and bring in some plants. Layer color throughout the room with pillows, furniture, and artwork. You can even add a snack cart or fresh-cut flowers to welcome your guests.

Even if your home is small and you have to create a multifunctional guest room, you can create a space that is functional and feels welcoming. Even small changes can make a big difference.  


1. How can I create a guest space in a small home without a dedicated guest room?

You can create a guest space by using multifunctional furniture, such as sleeper sofas or Murphy beds, and incorporating cozy and functional elements like soft rugs, extra blankets, and adequate storage options. Consider converting part of an office or living room into a guest area with these strategies.

2. What type of furniture is best for a guest space in a small home?

Furniture that serves a dual purpose is ideal. Sleeper sofas are a great option because they provide seating during the day and a comfortable bed at night. Murphy beds are also useful if you have enough wall space, as they can be folded up to save space.

3. How can I make a dual-purpose room cozy for guests?

To make a dual-purpose room cozy for guests, add soft furnishings like a nice rug, extra fuzzy blankets, and a comfortable chair. Ensure the lighting can be adjusted for intimacy, with options like desk lamps or soft lighting in addition to overhead lights.

4. What storage solutions are best for guest spaces in small homes?

In small homes, creative storage solutions like storage chests, benches, or collapsible luggage racks are beneficial. If space permits, use freestanding clothing racks for hanging clothes and bedside tables with drawers for additional storage. Bookshelves with reading material can also add a homely touch.

5. How can I add style to a multifunctional guest room?

You can add style to a multifunctional guest room by creating an accent wall, incorporating artwork or photographs, and adding plants. Layering colors through pillows, furniture, and decorations enhances the room’s aesthetics. Consider adding personal touches like a snack cart or fresh-cut flowers to make the space welcoming.


Even in a small home, you can create a welcoming and functional guest space with some thoughtful planning and creative solutions. By choosing dual-purpose furniture, adding cozy and stylish elements, and providing adequate storage, you can ensure your guests feel comfortable and at home. With these strategies, your small home can easily accommodate friends and family, making their stay pleasant and memorable.

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