Getting Started With Tennis: Tips For Beginners

If you have been dreaming of playing tennis since childhood, it is never too late to get started with this great sport. Playing tennis is fun and improves coordination and mental game, and you can enjoy its benefits at any age. If you’re thinking about getting started with tennis, continue reading this article. We’ve compiled some suggestions on how to get into tennis. 

Learn The Geometry Of The Court And Basic Rules

A good understanding of the basic tennis rules is essential if you want to get started with tennis. The game is played between two single players or ‘doubles’ – two teams of two players. A tennis match may consist of three or five sets. And each set consists of at least 6 games. Net divides the court into two equal parts. There is a center line, which is located perpendicular to the back lines and connects them. There are also lines marking the serving areas (‘serving boxes’). After the first ‘serve’ of the game (hitting the ball into the play) from the left-hand service box the ball has to bounce in the opponent’s area. 

How to serve correctly? You have to hit the ball with your racket after it touches the court or before it touches the court (on the fly). But the first serve is hit only after touching the ball. If the ball is out of bounds, the shot does not count. If the ball is hit before crossing the net line, or if a player hits a rack or net with his racket, the point will not be scored. The first successful shot brings 15 points, the second another 15, the third – 10. The fourth shot is a win. The winning margin must be at least two goals. A game can be won by winning 4 ball games. In a set, the player who first wins 6 games wins the set (the opponent must win no more than 4 games). In a match, the winner is the one who wins 3 sets out of a total of 5 or 2 sets out of 3. A tie-breaker tennis match is a match of up to 7 points with a difference of at least two balls, which is required when the score is tied (6:6).

Get Proper Tennis Gear (Racket & Ball) 

Even though some tennis clubs and leisure centers provide players with the gear they need, it is a good idea to buy your gear. A good racket is a crucial accessory for any tennis player. How to choose a racket? If you are completely new to tennis, you don’t need to buy a professional racket. But you should consider such factors as string area (hitting surface) and weight of the racket. The larger the hitting surface, the easier it will be to hit the ball, but the less accurate your strokes will be. The second criterion is the weight of the racket. Usually, it varies from 250 to 450 grams.

A light racket is much easier to hold, but it will not allow you to make powerful strokes. The ideal weight for a beginner tennis player is 280-350 grams. The grip size (0-5) also matters. Grip sizes 2 and 3 (you can find the grip size on the bottom of the racket’s handle) are the most common ones. And a larger head size makes it easier to hit the ball. To choose the racket that fits you should try out the rackets in a store in person. Is there some space between your hand and your fingertips when you hold the racket?  As a beginner, you don’t need a championship-level ball. A recreational tennis ball of Type 2 for standard hard-court surfaces would be adequate. And consider buying tennis balls in bulk so they don’t run out. 

Hit The Wall

To get acquainted with the basics, try a simple tennis exercise at home. Pick the racket, find a wall, and just knock a ball around. Playing ‘with the wall’ helps you find the optimal strength of ‘serve’, influence the trajectory of its flight, and practice ground strokes and footwork. Practice the backhand and the forehand strokes as often as possible. By the way, you can learn some basics by watching YouTube how-to videos, tennis matches, or betting on tennis. Different from gambling at websites like Hellspin, sports betting helps you develop your skills and deepen your understanding of the game. If you want to play tennis regularly, a ball machine will bring your home training to the next level. 

Practice Playing Tennis On The Court

To start your thrilling tennis journey, you need to find a court to play. The best way to get into the sport is to join a tennis club and enjoy all its benefits from playing on a court to taking tennis lessons and finding opponents to play with. An experienced coach will tell you the rules, and teach you how to hold the racket and hit the ball, serve, and move around the court. 

These were the starting points. Practice regularly, work on your technique, and enjoy! 

*We recommend you consult a healthcare professional before getting into a new sport. Even though playing tennis has numerous benefits for physical and mental health, people suffering from certain medical conditions such as arthritis, and arrhythmia shouldn’t play tennis. 

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