Great Camping Add-Ons That Every Australian Should Own

The Australian people have a pioneering spirit, which is handy when you consider the size of the
country, which is also a continent. As you would expect in such a huge nation, camping is a long-
established activity that is supported by a nationwide network of secure campsites; many Aussie
families make good use of their campervan, RV or motorhome.

Camping accessories

The list is long and the following are some of the latest add-ons and features for camping enthusiasts.
Roof top tent – Check out the latest roof top tent collections, with units that sit on a roof rack
and have exterior anchor points, enabling you to get a good night’s sleep. Top brands include
Darche, a company that makes the best roof top tents, with solutions to suit every budget.
Ordering online can save you as much as 25% on the RRP and Google can help you compare
products and price tags.
Solar blanket – Installing lithium-ion batteries allows you to roll out a solar blanket, plug in and
start harvesting the clean and renewable energy from the sun’s rays. While this is a significant
investment, it does give you energy independence and top-quality packages have everything
you need to set up a solar energy system.
Awnings – It is essential to create a large, shaded area around your tent/vehicle and the best
way to do that is with retractable awnings; the online supplier of camping accessories has you
covered when it comes to shading. If your budget stretches that far, you can commission a
contractor to fabricate a shading system the is stored when not in use.
Bluetooth speakers – You want music for those lively late afternoon gatherings with other
campers; a Bluetooth speaker can be connected via an app; wireless connection is perfect for
camping, bringing you your favourite playlists.
Trailer tents – Imagine a sturdy trailer that turns into a tent! The latest generation brings
cutting-edge innovation; simply hook up to your ute or 4WD and you are good to go! Take a look
online and discover the many features in trailer tents; camping has never been so comfortable,
you have all the mod cons with a trailer tent.
Mini A/C unit – Battery powered, this handy little device keeps you cool wherever you happen
to be. Runs for 45 minutes on a single charge and only weighs a few kg, you can cool down a
tent in no time and recharging is fast.
Anti-mosquito devices – Some use light to trap mozzies, while others use sound; search the web
for more info on anti-mosquito devices and never have to worry about being bitten.

The best way to acquire camping add-ons is from the online supplier, where you’ll find the best brands
at the lowest prices. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can vanish into the Outback for a week and
with a good supply of water and provisions, you and your family can enjoy nature at its finest!

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