Express Yourself With A Wild And Wonderful Festival Outfit!

The outdoor summer music festival season is one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences to be
had, if you haven’t been to one, then what are you waiting for? Get up and go, you will have a blast!
Great music from great acts, lots of fun and happy people, dancing, drinks, and yummy food, a festival
has everything you need to have a fabulous time!

One of the coolest features of a festival is it gives you a chance to really show off your self-expression!
While nightclubgoers seem to be bound to a strict, yet unfathomable code regarding what and what not
to wear, this is not the case for festival outfits! There are no limits, and you can be as wild and creative
as you like, in fact, it’s encouraged! This is your chance to wear whatever makes you happy, you can
really feel like you! That said, if it is your first festival, it might be a bit daunting to pick a look, so we
have compiled a few tips for you!

It’s summertime, so keep the heat in mind. Depending on where you are it can get really scorching, so
be sure to wear something light and breathable if you plan to be out dancing in it all day long!
Speaking of the hot sun, bring along a hat and expect to wear it, floppy folding styles are great for when
you want to stow it.

Bring along a bum bag. Unless your festival outfit has pockets and you can still dance comfortably while
they are full of car keys, wallets, breath mints, your phone, etc., then the bum bag is the answer, those
can all be stowed safely in it and ride unobtrusively on your hip while you sway to the music hands-free!
Get with the glitter! This is your chance to literally shine, everybody loves to sparkle, and it’s a tradition!
Put it on your clothes, in your hair, on your skin- just keep it out of your eyes!

Now that you are nice and shiny, take it to the next level, because day-glo is a GO! Get fluorescent with
the brightest colours you can find, you will feel on fire with joy!

Crazy sunglasses are a festival must! Find a pair that even Elton John might be too shy to wear, the
wackier the better!

You will be dancing, then dancing some more, so make sure to wear a pair of shoes that are stylish, but
you can be comfortable getting down in all day long into the night!

This is your chance to wear your hair in a way that you wouldn’t imagine doing out in the humdrum daily
world! Go for a big beehive filled with plastic bees, or a frizzy fro in lime green! If your real hair can’t pull
off the look you want then try a big and wild wig, but be sure to practice wearing one in advance, they
take some getting used to!

We hope we have helped you to put away your inhibitions, you now have the universe’s permission to
truly be as weird and wonderful as you want to, and wear a festival outfit that shows it!

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