The Ultimate Guide to Combining Tummy Tuck With Liposuction for a Flatter Stomach

Are you dreaming of a flatter stomach? Many people spend hours at the gym and follow strict diets but still struggle with stubborn belly fat.

The good news is that you can achieve your dream body by combining two popular cosmetic procedures – tummy tuck and liposuction. When done together, they can give you the ultimate results you’ve longed for.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about combining tummy tuck with lipo for a flatter stomach.

Understanding Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen. It also tightens the abdominal muscles, giving you a firmer and smoother appearance.

On the other hand, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat deposits from various body parts using a suction technique. When it comes to the stomach area, liposuction targets stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Why Combine Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

Combining a tummy tuck with liposuction can provide more comprehensive results than undergoing either procedure alone.

Enhanced Contouring

Liposuction effectively eliminates fat deposits, while a tummy tuck focuses on removing excess skin and tightening muscles. Together, these procedures offer a more sculpted and toned look, especially for those moms undergoing mommy makeover surgery.

Improved Results

Addressing skin laxity and fat deposits can achieve a smoother and flatter stomach. This combination ensures the best of both worlds.

One Recovery Period

When you combine tummy tuck and lipo, you only have one recovery period. This means less downtime and quicker results.


Opting for a combined procedure can be more cost-effective than having two separate surgeries. This approach can save you on anesthesia, facility fees, and other associated costs.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for combining tummy tuck with liposuction. Generally, good candidates:

  • Have good overall health and are at a stable weight
  • Are non-smokers or willing to quit smoking
  • Have excess skin and stubborn fat in their abdominal area

It’s essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can assess if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The combined procedure typically takes 3-4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make an incision along the lower abdomen, usually from hip to hip or in a V-shape, depending on the amount of excess skin.

Next, the surgeon will perform liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits. This step helps contour and sculpt the abdomen.

After that, the excess skin is removed, and the abdominal muscles are tightened using sutures. The incisions are then closed with dissolvable stitches or surgical tape.

Recovery and Results

Recovery time can vary from person to person, but most patients can return to work within 2-4 weeks. It’s essential to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully. This includes:

  • Wearing a compression garment
  • Avoiding strenuous activities

You may experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort during the first few days of recovery. However, these symptoms should subside over time.

Final results may not be apparent until several months after the procedure. Once healed, you can expect a flatter and more contoured stomach.

Opt for Tummy Tuck With Lipo Today

Combining a tummy tuck with lipo is a highly effective and efficient way to achieve a flatter, more toned stomach. The benefits of these procedures, when combined, are undeniable.

So, if you want to transform your stomach and boost your confidence, don’t delay! Consult with a qualified plastic surgeon today!

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