How to find your own niche on Instagram

Instagram has opened a realm of opportunities for people, from fashion to travel, and there is no limit to finding people who follow a particular niche.

Are you among the many people who put off their goals because you are still seeking your niche? Well, you are not alone! Having a niche might not be as important as you think. Read along to defeat the feat and find the right niche according to your passion and goals.

What is a niche?

A niche refers to a group of people with similar interests who easily follow or are influenced by specific content. Niche can help people connect and form close communities. For example, a fashion content creator’s niche will consist of people who love styling, design, sustainable fashion, etc.

The correct way to find the right niche

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1.  Jot down your hobbies and interests

Put yourself first and write down everything that amazes you or makes YOU look unique. You can connect with like-minded people by making your content personal and relatable. Ask yourself the necessary questions like:

  • What value add do you bring?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What makes you different?

Ensure you narrow this step to the minimum, as adding something you want to avoid further is critical.

2. Do your research

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Being two steps ahead is vital to mitigate any further risks or blunders. Hence, do the necessary research on the long-term impact and validity your interests promise, such as searching hashtags, following influencers in your niche, reading blogs, etc. This can help you gain deep insight and guide you along your path.

3. Identify your goal

With the new opportunity to monetize your content, it is sensible to consider the future when finalizing your niche.

  • Reach many people and increase brand awareness(reach)
  • Providing quality work by gaining loyal and genuine community (engagement)
  • Choose between authenticity by creating original content or productivity, with a alternative to buy Instagram views (Speed)
  • Get people to purchase your products or services. (conversions)
  • Build relationships with other brands or influencers in your industry. (collaborations/ partnerships)

The more precise you are about your goals, the easier it is to narrow your broad scope to one right choice, with a higher chance of earning by what you do, which is rare in the usual corporate world.

4. One person, not a whole demographic

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When it comes to attracting your target audience, consider talking to one rather than one whole demographic, as even if one person likes your content, they are more likely to engage with you and share it with others, widening your reach effectively.

Please focus on the interests most people share and align them with yours. Remember, the more specific and personal your approach, the more the algorithm will work in your favour.

5. Experimenting never hurt anyone.

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Even when it comes to careers, students opt for a gap year to peacefully figure out and finalize one path for the long run so that prolonged guilt never comes in the way.

Similarly, brands and niches are constantly evolving. Likewise, think ahead on what will suffice you, make you connect with your people, and attract interesting brands without being burdened.

6. Niche down to one

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Starting with a broadened approach, let us niche down. Out of all the interests you jotted down earlier, simultaneously cross out the ones that seem foreign. Many people struggle in this step as they eventually end up with 2-3 topics they want to focus on, which is entirely valid.

After eliminating many options, if you are left with topics like beauty, fashion, andlifestyle, it is a popular niche as these three complement each other well and are one of the most common paths many creators take.

7. End goal

Whatever your ulterior motive is, remember to have fun with whatever you pursue if you know what you have been doing since day one. Moreover, having no false begins will save you time down the road. Be patient and keep yourself first.

Why having a niche matters

While the world of Instagram is massive, it will be challenging for an outsider, specifically from the era of Hotmail, but many youngsters know the strategies and tactics quite well; it comes as an instinct; no wonder the youth are flourishing on the gram.

Being well-known and equipped with these platforms will help you understand why posting anything will not help you grow and thrive to reach your goal, and so won’t the algorithm. Therefore, these factors will help you understand the benefits of a niche.

  • It helps you stand out and makes you known authentically
  • It helps you connect and develop a close bond or even a community.
  • It makes your content more engaging and exciting to remember for

Is having a niche important?

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The answer is both yes and no. The stereotype of following a particular niche is absurd, as many creators’ interests and hobbies evolve over time. Continuing the same path can be exhausting and might not always deliver the same successful results.

Many people need help with one niche after a while as they might have initially thought this has much scope, leaving their actual passion behind. This is also known as creative block, which many creatives face when thinking out of the box in a crisis.

Therefore, it is your content, so take your time deciding on and landing one topic you which want to make your signature; themore unique you are, the more likely you will top the list in that niche.

Key takeaway

Having a particular niche is subjective to each person, as only some are decisive when it comes to focusing on one niche in the long run. As we move forward, things and people change, as do people’s interests and mindsets. Therefore, selling an old item in the name of ‘vintage’ will only sometimes work in your favour.

Having multiple options is better than being left with none in the future. Hence, start broad, but later make sure your style remains intact, as people love authenticity and consistency more than anything.

Whatever your content is, recipes, makeup, book reviews, etc., maintain the balance so you do not run out of ideas and provide valuable information to retain interest for the foreseeable future! Remember, patience is the key to success!

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